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Our History

With Heart, Mind and Hands, We Serve Professionally

The 1994 Rwandan genocide against Tutsi affected the Church in many aspects; not only by tarnishing its reputation but also by depleting its already poor pool of qualified and experienced Clergy. This left the country with a depressed economy, high level of trauma and incurable diseases like HIV/AIDS. As if those challenges were not really enough, the church has now to face other external challenges that call for fast intentional positioning in its outstanding leadership.

It is against that background that in 2002 the Anglican Church of Rwanda decided to start a Theological College with the long term plan of becoming a Christian university. In December 2018, the church implemented that plan and started a project of transforming KATC into the East African Christian College whose objective is to contribute to tertiary education in general and meet the government standards regarding the enhancement of the level of education for Church leaders in Rwanda.

Considering the skills gap for qualified leaders in faith based organizations, there is a need to train enough church leaders in various domains in order to be equipped for facing global challenges such as spiritual emptiness, poverty, climate change, terrorism, human trafficking and so forth, which require church leaders to think beyond the boundaries of their own context or denominations.

Secondly, in 2018, Rwandan government introduced a new law relating to church leaders which requires pastors to have a degree in theology or Biblical studies and the government offered a 5-year grace period for complying with the law. This being a serious challenge and already one year has elapsed, Anglican Church alone has 486 parishes and 2,231 local congregations in which more than 87% of the church leaders do not have required qualifications.

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